Mathias Pioton and the potter’s wheel

Hi there, Today I want to take you to the South of France, in Provence, a village called Dieulefit. It’s a village surrounded by mountains, where life is quiet and colourful. There I’ve met with the ceramist Mathias Pioton, owner of T comme Terre. On August 24th, B & I went to his workshop so that he could tell us a bit more about his profession, his passion and also how he arrived where he is now. His workshop is located next to the Protestant Church and the Bureau, which is the only restaurant/ pub opened 7/7 in Summer. T comme Terre is special for its large windows letting a lot of natural sunlight into the workshop. It is really spacious and a lot brighter than others, we had the chance to visit. The stone walls join in a beautiful vault, his work is arranged by colours on dark metallic shelves.…

Véronique Roux, artist & ceramist

Hi, So, as you know, cooking is not my only passion. I also paint on ceramic. I started painting when I was in High School, and I never stopped, and tried different mediums, going from canvas to ceramic plates. And this summer, B & I went to the Drôme, and spent some time in a village called Dieulefit, known for its traditional potteries. In the main street, a dozen of artisans exhibit their work. We met with several and they agreed to show us around their workshop and tell us about their craft, their passion and difficulties. We’ve done three interviews, and here is the first one. Meet Véronique Roux, of Diouloufet Céramiques. Walking inside Veronique’s shop on rue du Bourg, Dieulefit’s main street, is like entering a sanctuary. Everything is so delicate you’re afraid of breaking something if you come too close. Ceramic birds are suspended in the corridor…