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9 tips against bloating

Hi there, Today I’m treating a topic that concerns way too many people, me included. Hive five if you are among the many suffering from bloating and other gastrointestinal problems. A few months ago I had told you about IBS and my personal process against food intolerances. Well the process is almost over, and I feel much better, a lot less bloating and bellyaches. It’s not perfect, and I still have my moments when I feel shitty: that’s why I’m writing this article, to help us both fight bloating when it comes up. So here are my tips and advice, you will discover or be reminded of some ingredients that will become your best friends. I also need to thank a dear friend for enlightening me about these secrets, thank you Francesca.         • Causes Bloating may be caused by various things: bad fats, yeast (bread, cakes,…

Healing from IBS, the journey begins

Hi there, Today I wanna share something a little bit more personal. I’m a foodie, but I’ve had regular belly aches for a long time. And a few weeks ago I had the confirmation I had IBS. Well, like so many people today. It’s more and more common sadly. I decided to go see a naturopath for my belly aches, bloating and digestive problems. I suspected IBS, but now I also know what I am intolerant to, which is so helpful! I had a blood test that looked for proteins of 20 ingredients I could be intolerant to, and turns out I’m intolerant to all dairies, eggs, and slightly to gluten. So now I have to take gluten, eggs and dairy products out of my diet for a certain period of time. Because yes, I also discovered that these intolerances are not forever : you can treat them ! How ?…