Spicy grilled butternut seeds

Hello there, Have you ever thought about the wastage of butternut seeds whenever you cook the veggie? Because it used to bug me. There are hundreds varieties of butternut, and I find it exciting to see some of them on the markets, in farms and of course on social networks. Autumn and Halloween are more synonymous with roasted butternut for me than trick or treat. At the moment my favourite variety is the winter squash, or chestnut squash, do you know it? It’s an orangy-red colour, very round and tastes of chestnut. So because we’ve been eating so much butternuts lately, we thought we should do something with the seeds. Actually, B showed me this recipe, and we don’t waste the seeds anymore. You grill them in the oven with soya sauce and chili flakes. The results is crispy, spicy and very satisfying. It’s perfect for a snack and also…

Savoury muffins with courgette, pesto and goat cheese

Hey ! What would you say about savoury muffins for a change? A simple recipe to spice up the apéro I know you love, or simply change from the boring sandwich from the supermarket. Who said that pastries were only for the sweet tooth? The other day I found some courgettes on the market and felt like doing muffins. Only I coudn’t decide whether to do savoury or sweet muffins (I assure you, sweet courgette cakes are delicious). In the end I went for savoury. I put homemade pesto, goat cheese, walnuts and nutmeg. I even added some raisins to have a sweet twist. I didn’t use eggs so if you don’t put goat cheese they are vegan. The result was all in all delicious, so here’s the recipe without further ado. Savoury muffins with courgettes, pesto and goat cheese 1 courgette2 carrots130 g all purpose flour70 g corn starchnutmeg1…