Hi there,
Today I wanna share something a little bit more personal.
I’m a foodie, but I’ve had regular belly aches for a long time. And a few weeks ago I had the confirmation I had IBS. Well, like so many people today. It’s more and more common sadly.
I decided to go see a naturopath for my belly aches, bloating and digestive problems. I suspected IBS, but now I also know what I am intolerant to, which is so helpful! I had a blood test that looked for proteins of 20 ingredients I could be intolerant to, and turns out I’m intolerant to all dairies, eggs, and slightly to gluten.
So now I have to take gluten, eggs and dairy products out of my diet for a certain period of time. Because yes, I also discovered that these intolerances are not forever : you can treat them !
How ?
Well first, let’s understand how it works. Your intestines fragilise and let some food go through that shouldn’t. When you develop intolerances, your body reacts strongly to them by sending antibodies to fight them. This natural reaction provokes inflammation, and bloating. These antibodies have memory, and each time you are in contact with these foods, they fight, no matter what the quantity you ingest. But antibodies have a limited life, so if you cut contact with the food you’re intolerant to for a certain period of time (more or less according to the degree of your intolerance), you loose the memory of them.
During this period of no ingestion, you also have to repair your digestive system, starting with a detox, and then healing.
I’m at the detox and cutting ingredients part.
I have to cut eggs for a year, and dairies for 3 months, gluten for 1 month. So you will see my recipes shift more and more on the vegan side, as of necessity, although I can eat meat and fish for instance.
You should have seen the most adorable reaction of my loved one, offering to cut cheese from his diet to support me and not tempt me. I said no, who would do that to the person they love?
Anyway, here’s a few examples of how to replace eggs in recipes :
In cakes, pancakes dough :
– apple cider vinegar + vegetal milk
– chia seeds + water
– apple puree
In mousses
– chickpea water
I find dairy products are easier to deal with, you just cut them out completely. In order to keep your calcium up, I advice you to drink rice or oat milk for instance with a supplement of calcium. You can have soya and coyo yogurt, coconut milk. This works well for me but it’s a bit harder to cut out cheese (I’m French after all!).
As for gluten, I feel the gluten free market is exploding! You can find a lot if things in supermarkets now, like Naturalia, Carrefour or Auchan. Gluten Free and Bio sections are overtaking it.
When I cook at home, I go for buckwheat, corn and rice flours to cook at home. And it’s definitely worth the experiment.
I find that having these food constraints has actually boosted my creativity. And it’s helping me feel better, so it’s really a win win !
Hope this will encourage you digging into your health problem if you have them. Your pain doesn’t have to be part of you, you can start by finding its source.
Thank you for reading,

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