Butternut gnocchis

Autumnal Sunday, not long before Halloween. It’s time to try some butternut recipes. We made butternut gnocchis, and my goodness it wasn’t easy (first time ever!). The thing  is, butternut has a higher water content, which makes it a but more difficult than with regular potatoes, because more liquid and elastic. But the recipe itself is pretty straightforward. You just need to slowly add wheat flour until the dough is okay to work with. Then you switch to rice flour to shape the gnocchis. A bit long, but very fun. We must have made over 100 gnocchis. And good surprise, they  hold well together after cooking. We tried them different ways, simply cooked with a mushroom and parmesan sauce (recipe coming up); as well as slightly fried on the pan with some figs and hazelnut pesto. Yum! Butternut gnocchis Handmade gnocchis, replacing the potato base with butternut 1 butternutnutmeg1…

Butternut curry with cumin spices

Hello there, I hope you are getting used to the cold and resisting tiredness. As you well know, I’m an addict when it comes to spices. I’m a big fan of currys and chilies at the moment, I make a big batch every week that fill up my lunch boxes. I find them comforting and nourishing meal. Today I present you this butternut curry. Butternut is a very soft type of squash that melts in your mouth. I also added carrots and red lentils, a good amount of spices and some almond cream to make it smoother. The vegan curry goes well with more veggies in case you miss your greens. I also had it with coconut crackers which was the perfect combination with the curry taste. You can find them in a bio shop, it kind of looks like polystyrene but it tastes really good I promise. And if…