Almonds and coconut muffins, vegan and fat free

Hello there! This weekend I wanted to start thinking about Christmas and festive recipes, meaning I wanted to put edible golden glitters everywhere. By the way, I found an always on countdown until Christmas, which is both super exciting and a bit creepy. There are only 32 nights until Christmas guys. It’s happening here. So today I give you the healthy and simple recipe of almond and coconut muffins. They are vegan and fat free. I made them with apple and apricot compote, but you can use any compote, I bet that apple and chestnuts would make it more christmassy. The texture is perfect and they are very nourishing : perfect for a snack in the afternoon with a cup of tea, or for what we French call le goûter. Almonds and coconut muffins, vegan and fat free 10min prep, 12min cooking. 150g all purpose flour50g grated coconut40g muscovado sugar1…