Pear & curry chutney

I found out about the divine association of pears and curry thanks to an Australian friend. It was so delicate and tasty I decided to try it at home. This chutney/ compote goes really well with white meats and fish. So simple, in season, you should rush to make it at home. Pear & curry chutney 2 pears5 g salted butter1 tsp ground curry1/2 tsp ground curcuma (turmeric)1/2 tsp ground cardamomsalt & pepper15 cL water Peel the pears and cut them in small chunks.Melt the butter on a pan, medium heat.Add the pears and let it caramelise slowly. Then add the spices, mix it well.Let it cook for a few minutes. Add water and cover it.Reduce to small heat and let cook for 15min.Take off the lid, put on medium to high heat to reduce the water.Roughly mash the pear with a fork and serve warm to room temperature.…

Blueberries and curcuma super smoothie video

Hello there ! I know it’s been a while, but now that I’ve recovered from that breaking in and robbery in December, I’m all equipped to share again my inspirations and food creations. And today, I want to show you this video that was made a few months ago, and produced by Monique of  Double M. We had already done a video together, I was showing you how to paint on ceramics. And that day we also made smoothies. For 1min and 15sec I pretend to be a Youtuber and I show you how to make this super smoothie. You will hear me tell you in French that this is a smoothie full of antioxidants and spices that boost your immune system. Nice taste of blueberries and curcuma that will help you fight all the germs of the winter. I know blueberries are not the season anymore, but you can…