Rome, la dolce vita and a few addresses to try

Ciao bello, Ciao bella, This year, I’m finishing my masters, and just before I started my internship, I went to Rome with my loved one for a long weekend. We explored the city with seven hills. We walked for 15miles every day, and ate for 3 to complete our exploration of the city, obviously. It was my second time in Rome. And this time, I was better acknowledged as to where we should stay, the answer : in the Trastevere. We booked an airbnb that was 3min away from the animated part of the neighbourhood, and about 20min walk from the historical centre. We barely took the metro, which was perfect. We could start our days early and come back late afternoon, rest and go out again for drinks and dinner.   M A G N I F I C A What to discover in the historic centre: •SUPPLIZIO, Street…